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Welcome to Nitestrider's Choppers Homepage!

Hey there, and welcome to Nitestrider's Chopper and custom cycle homepage!

I'm here to offer help and advice about custom cycles and in particular, Raleigh Chopper MK3's, Which most people who love the MK1 or MK2 choppers tend to dispise. I'm a cycle modifier myself, and I'm happy to share what I know to make your bike rideable, or help you to find parts to make your bikes better.

Please feel free to visit my cycle repair forum and request help at any time!

I also regularly sell bicycle parts on ebay, to find me, look up the user I.D of: readingmobilecyclemechanics

Update - 16/02/10

The 3G chopper is in the process of getting a complete overhaul! It will be stripped down completely, have all paint stripped and be powder coated. I'm currently looking at doing the frame white, with the forks and crowns being done black. It will stand out from the crowd without being too much of an eyesore.

I'll keep things up to date with progress, and pictures in the bike build section!