Raleigh Chopper MK3 - The Resurrection

A new version of the Chopper, the Mk3, was launched in 2004, after being out of production for almost 25 years. The Mk3, in deference to modern safety concerns, adopts a more conventional saddle design to discourage "backies," and has dropped the groin-catching gear lever in favour of handlebar mounted gear controls – to commemorate this former feature the Mk3 has a sticker where once the lever had its place. The frame is made from aluminium alloy tubing rather than the originals' steel, to make the bike lighter. The wheels are again 20 inches for the back wheel and 16 inches for the front wheel.

Many people now, who owned the original Raleigh Chopper bikes, or would have liked to own one have started customising the Mk3 to make it take on the appearance of the older bikes. This includes adding a shifter to the crossbars, changing the "Sissy Bar", seat and seat post to fit one of the old, long seats to them. Along with other custom made parts to make the "Old School" look once more