Nitestrider's Custom Bikes - Choppers

Here is where you will find all of my custom bikes, from choppers, to mountain bikes, through to BMX bikes! Please feel free to look through all of the bikes


2010 - Kona BikeHotRod

My latest addition! A Kona BikeHotRod, purchased from K W on! The greatest investment I have made in ages! Wanted one for years, now finally got my hands on one of them!

Didn't want to get rid of her, but sadly traded in!

2010 - 3G Prime Time Chopper

The new ride! Big, juicy and mean to ride!

This bike is fitted out with 24" rear and 20" front 3.45" wide tyres! This bike isn't for the faint hearted! Pedal forwards, you go. Pedal backwards, you stop! Simple American production, less than simple styling and a real quality steel frame! This bike isn't very light, but the attention makes up for that!

She currently has got the handlebars from the "Big Boy" and a complete new 44t chainring on the front, soon to be getting a few more mods and upgrades!

Now sold!

2009 - The "Wild One"

My second chopper MK3, customisation project. Fitted out with 21" chrome dyno bars, chrome MK2 brake levers, a pair of chrome mirrors, MK1 decals, MK2 arrow wedge decals,a custom "wild one" graphic on the back of the seat, and "wild one" graphics on the front mudguard.

This bike is a proper head turner/ Everywhere you go, you get looked at and asked about your ride!

Now Sold

2009 - The "Big Boy"

My first Raleigh Chopper MK3. Known as the big boy because of the 25" high rise ape hangers, supplied by Ridelow. I;ve fitted a sturmey archer three speed toggle switch, old school chrome levers, a dynamo lamp and reb marbled grips to make it look bigger and more in your face! Now also fitted with a pair of chrome mirrors.

Stripped for parts

2007 - The "Beast"

Built up from a Schwinn Stingray, with a complete custom paint job, lime green grips and custom flames on the frame and rear mudguard. Tyres whitewalled with primer. Now has been scrapped

Nitestrider's Custom Bikes - MTB's


2010 - GT Avalanche 0.0

GT Avalanche 0.0, with over £300 in new parts! My current daily runabout.

Suntour RUX forks, with adjustable lockout, rebound ect, Tioga R60 bars & Tioga stem (same as what was on the Specialized), Hollowtech cranks, FSA chainrings and Mach1 MX wheels

2010 - Shockwave Dirt 8

My custom shockwave dirt 8, with heavy upgrades, which include

Suntour RUX forks (5" travel), Mach 1 MX pro2 wheels, Race Face Ride XC cranks, Race Face BB, FSA 44t & 32t chainrings, soon to be getting a massive suspension upgrade, using Kona rocker plates.

2009 - Specialized P3

My customised Specialized P3. Most of the parts came originally from my 2007 Carrera Fury.

Had a custom paintjob, in kawasaki green, hudraulic disk brakes, 160mm rear, 180mm front, Rock Shox Tora adjustable forks, custom green marbled grips and a lot of parts, and a lot more love, care and attention on the putting together of it! Notice the single Halo white spokes on the wheels?

Now sold!

Nitestrider's Custom Bikes - BMX's


2010 - 25th Anniversary Mongoose Pro Sniper

My little toy!

25th Anniversary Mongoose Pro Sniper, with a few upgraded parts, but not much different to stock! Goes like stink and looks good!

2009 - Raleigh Burner 20

My custom Raleigh Burner 20, with Odyssey Pro Racing headset, Wellgo beartrap pedals, White GT bars, Black half link chain and custom chainring

Traded for the first Raleigh Chopper

2009 - Mongoose Supergoose

Old school Mongoose Supergoose, repainted in pearlescent blue, with mostly original parts, bar the forks and stem, which came off of a 2004 Mongoose Motivator

Sold a month after completion

2008 - Mongoose Expert

A fakie Mongoose Expert. Originally a RBK bike, was done up and re-badged as a Mongoose.

Now sold

2005 - Raleigh Burner Mag 20

Purchased back in 2005, along with a second set of wheels (skyways) for the pricely sum of £10 from Adtrader!

Sold a year later on Ebay for £215!